Why People Love Esports

There is something very odd about seeing people watching other people who are playing video games. Sure, you may watch if you are at a friend’s house and you are all playing, and it is not your turn to get a game yet. But the idea that you would go online and you would watch a stream of someone else playing a game – this was an idea that did not really exist even five or ten years ago. Yes, gaming has been around for a long time, and people have enjoyed playing and watching games. But having a massive following for games and esports players was very new

And that is what we want to talk about right now. How did we get to a point where an esports junkie is a real thing? The reality is that the esports junkie was born out of a love for gaming. And there are two schools of thought. The first is that so many people love to play these games, but they may not have the machine that can allow them to play the game, or they may not have the time in their lives to get heavily involved with such games.

These are games that require you to put in so many hours if you want to be good. They are not the type of games that you can just play for 20 minutes a night and have fun. You have to be devoted to these games. And instead of putting in hours each day of your own life into these games, you can keep track with your personal goals, and you can watch others play the game instead. You can watch an hour of an esports stream on Twitch or some other site, and you can get your fill for the game that way.

esports junkie

Another school of thought is that so many of these games have such a high level of skill that is required to be good, that you are naturally going to get people watching the elite players. It is just like real sports. No one goes to watch random people playing basketball or soccer. What we do is watch the best, in whatever country or league they play. That is why millions watch sports on TV, instead of just finding some team who plays locally. It is the same with esports. People are interested in seeing the best play against each other, as the level of skill is so impressive.